We sell PC, Laptop, Cell phone, iPod parts, Batteries, AC Adapters, MP3, MP4 Players, Digital Photo Frames, Electronic Gadgets, Lego Bricks Construction Sets, Rubik's Rubix's Cubes, Wargame Scopes, Mounts, Rangefinder, Airsoft products, HID Xenon bi-xenon conversion kits, LEDs, etc. Our prices are among the lowest on eBay. We are one of the top 400 eBay sellers worldwide & one of the top 5 ebay sellers in Hong Kong. Please Buy Direct Online and save !

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Airsoft AK-47 MP5K M4 M16 M92 PSG-1 MP5 G3 G36 470 Wargame Guns, Pistols, Rifles, Rangefinder, Scopes, Mounts, Holographic laser dots, face masks Goggles, Military GI Gloves, Camouflage Bonnie Hats, Vests, Gearboxes SMG, AEG Magazines, survival camping gears, etc


PC & Laptop Parts

Replacement laptop, game & cell phone batteries, AC adapter power supplies & Notebook PC accessories for DELL, IBM, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, SONY, PSP, Acer, Apple, Gateway, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc



H1, H3, H4(lo), H4(hi), H7, H11, H13, 9005(HB3), 9006(HB4), 9007(HB5), BI-XENON H4, BI-XENON H13, BI-XENON 9004, BI-XENON 9007, Motorcycle H4-3, Ballast Only ,Replacement bulb , etc



Electronic Gadgets

Photo Frame, MP3, MP4, Alcohol Breathe Tester, Anti-Spy Detector , Digital Timer ,Barcode Scanner , etc



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Ordering Instructions :

Please buy online directly. You can also email me Ricky at order@pc-link.biz with the model no. and qty you wanted. Include replacement options or alternatives when possible just in case some items are out of stock. 


Payment Instructions :

If you buy & pay for them with one combined payent, I can combine & save you on shipping. Prefered Payment method is Paypal. My Paypal account is : order@pc-link.biz
If you do not want to use Paypal, feel free to pay by Western Union Money Transfer, International / World Money Order,
USA Money Order, USA Cashiers cheque. Feel free to send US Cash or Euro in well consealed envelope also if the amount is not large. I do not accept personal cheque. I do not accept M.O. from countries other than USA. Please include the shipping address, email address, Quote No., the auction no./ model no. & Qty in your Letter.


Shipping :

Shipping is almost always done within one working day. Airmail is the regular method used. I am shipping from Hong Kong which is probably on the other side of the world from you. Shipping usually takes around 7 days to most places. Do allow up to 14 days. Postage is the same for any where in the world. If you are sending a M.O. to me, do allow 14 days for it to reach me. As soon as I get your letter, I would email you to let you know and ship within one working day.  
If you are buying more than one item. You can get Combined Shipping by doing the following :
1. Take the regular shipping charge of the item with the highest shipping charge. For the other items / auctions, use the lower additional shipping charge.
2. You MUST pay using one single payment. Paypal charge me extra for each payment you make to me. Be sure to list your purchases with your payment.
3. If you are not sure, email me and ask for an invoice with combined shipping.


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